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Building on your children's skills to develop them into enthusiastic, engaged young children.

Growing with music

We think that your children should have a great grounding in all forms of the creative arts. Growing with Music aims for your children to have fun whilst being introduced to the primary concepts of music. Introducing them to percussion instruments, whilst they explore sound and rhythm. Your children will be encourages to gain confidence in exploring different types of music, joining in rhymes and developing their singing.

Getting your children engaged and interested in a variety of fun activities

At Small Steps Day Nursery in West Kirby, you can expect your children to be taking part in a wide variety of activities, to engage and stimulate them, getting them interested and involved to hopefully spark future hobbies and interests.

Fun French

Once a week a freelance French teacher/author visits our nursery and teaches our pre-school and toddlers French in a fun way! Your children will find his techniques not only fun but easy to remember. He makes them aware of festivals and days for celebration throughout the French and UK calendars. All of this is done in French

Lang Lane: 0151 625 6127

Park Road: 0151 625 8786

Early Years Centre:

0151 625 6019

Full of Beans Fitness

Our Full of Beans programme we run in our nurseries for our toddlers and pre-school children. This programme promotes the health of your children, giving them an early basis to engage in an active interest to keep fit. Your child will train under a fully qualified instructor who will introduce key sport skills and discuss topics such as how our body works, nutrition and hygiene.

Little Rakes Gardening Club

Every child in our nursery is a member of our Little Rakes Gardening Club. You child takes part in this lively and fun club during nursery hours, as children learn the basics in biology, showing how we plant, sow and harvest the produce which children grow. Your children learn about the importance of nature, about caring for nature and the goodness of fruit and vegetables. Children are always very proud of their achievements.

Encouraging healthy living with outside play and learning

At Small Steps Day Nursery, in West Kirby, we're keen

that your children are learning in a variety of different ways. We want to encourage an attitude of healthy, happy living through teaching your children about exercise and outside activities.

Beach Explorers

This innovative project enables children to get in touch with the heritage of West Kirby and to learn more about their coastal environment. As we're close to the beach, we decided to incorporate this project into a six week block, with two hourly sessions per day.