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Small Steps Early Years Centre: 0151 625 6019

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Your children's health is of paramount importance to us at Small Steps Day Nursery, in West Kirby

Providing wholesome, nutritious food and drink for your children

Food and drink is always provided for your children. Small Steps Day Nursery, in West Kirby, is accredited as an Early Years Health Promoting Nursery and we always ensure that your children's health is promoted by providing the right amount of wholesome, healthy and nutritious food and drink, complying with both dietary and religious requirements.


All the food provided is home cooked, freshly sourced from local providers. Some of our fruit and vegetables are provided from your children's own organic garden.


You will always be consulted for the summer and winter menus, and all suggestions are taken into account. Our Environmental Health Rating is 5.

Lang Lane: 0151 625 6127

Park Road: 0151 625 8786

Early Years Centre: 0151 625 6019

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